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  • Haehnle Sanctuary Crane Count 11/29/2021

Haehnle Sanctuary Crane Count 11/29/2021

Monday, November 29, 2021 7:30 PM | Steve Jerant (Administrator)

The weather this weekend brought a few inches of snow and froze over most of Mud Lake Marsh.  No cranes were seen or heard today.  We had a bit of open water that hosted a small flock of American Black Duck and Mallard. 

Ross spotted a group of Canada Goose far out in the horizon and we found a pair of Mute Swan on Eagle Lake. We also spotted this little fellow on the trail.  I am loving the use of native plants on him.

Unless it gets a lot warner, this will be the last post of the year.  Remember Haehnle Sanctuary is open all year and the parking lot is plowed after heavy snow.  It’s a great spot for a short cross county ski or a quiet winter walk.  And we do have a fairly regular Northern Shrike…

Crane counters:   Steve Jerant & Ross Green
Compiler:  Steve Jerant
Submitted by Steve Jerant

Crane Count:  0 (0 total observed)
Species count:  11

14 Canada Goose

2 Mute Swan

3 Mallard

11 American Black Duck

1 Pileated Woodpecker

2 Northern Flicker

2 Blue Jay

1 Tufted Titmouse

1 White-breasted Nuthatch

2 Carolina Wren

4 American Tree Sparrow

Number of Taxa: 11

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You can view past postings and historical crane counting data on the Haehnle web site at

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