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Tuesday Morning Tour of Watkins Lake SP/CP

Tuesday, July 26, 2022 5:00 PM | Steve Jerant (Administrator)

We had a beautiful sunny day for the Tuesday walk at Watkins Lake State Park/Washtenaw County Preserve. 

Watkins Lake Washtenaw County Preserve

Eight members of JAS started on the Washtenaw County side (east) for some good views of swallows working the field and perching on the high tension lines and towers.  We were able to observe 5 species of swallows.  It's so much easier when they're perched, especially one species next to another. There were lots of immatures as well, so the lines made an excellent study platform.

The trail above the dam was productive as well,  yielding 2 Willow Flycatchers, a Brown Thrasher, a faint call from a Eastern Towhee from the woods above us, and a new clutch of Song Sparrows getting fed.

Lynne took some pictures for us during the walk.

(lynn Eckerle)

(lynn Eckerle)

(lynn Eckerle)

(lynn Eckerle)

(lynn Eckerle)

Bird list for Watkins Lake County Preserve11 Canada Goose
2 Mourning Dove
3 Sandhill Crane
6 Turkey Vulture
1 Belted Kingfisher
2 Northern Flicker
2 Willow Flycatcher
1 Eastern Phoebe
1 Eastern Kingbird
1 American Crow
1 Northern Rough-winged Swallow
12 Purple Martin
5 Tree Swallow
10 Bank Swallow
3 Barn Swallow
3 House Wren
1 Gray Catbird
1 Brown Thrasher
2 Eastern Bluebird
4 American Goldfinch
1 Eastern Towhee
1 Red-winged Blackbird
2 Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Number of Taxa: 23

We did not go into the woods on this tour, but it is a wonderful loop walk that provides an excellent view of the area.  

(Steve Jerant)

Watkins Lake State Park

After a quick break in the parking lot between the two parks we walked over to the high fields in search of some grassland species.   It took a while but we finally got a look at one of the several Henslow's Sparrows that we heard calling.  The Bobolinks we not that shy.  We hade one adult male in non-breeding plumage and lots of adult females and juveniles.

We were happy to welcome Joann back for a tour with us today!

Bird list for Watkins Lake SP
2 Wood Duck
5 Mourning Dove
1 Great Blue Heron
3 Turkey Vulture
3 Red-tailed Hawk|
3 Eastern Kingbird
2 Barn Swallow
2 Eastern Bluebird
4 Cedar Waxwing
7 American Goldfinch
2 Field Sparrow
3 Henslow's Sparrow
12 Bobolink
3 Common Yellowthroat
Number of Taxa: 14

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