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Tuesday Morning Tour of Haehnle Sanctuary

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 9:39 PM | Steve Jerant (Administrator)

I did my first official tour of the Sanctuary as the new manager for seven JAS members.  The weather was mild and the sun did come out in the 10 o'clock hour for about 10 minutes.  Although we had over 200 cranes come in last night, I only saw 2 and that was before the group arrived at 9.

We toured the overlook area then walked the prairie path into the woods to Eagle Lake. We had some ducks and a surprising pair of Belted Kingfishers working the lake.

The forest walk took us to the Unit #2 prairie where a bunch of Eastern Bluebirds were moving around noisily.   Gary Siegrist told the legend of Bogus Lake in the fen area that has recently been cleared of Glossy Buckthorn.

John spotted a Ring Necked Pheasant below the apple trees, so that made for a nice finish.

Some of the group went to lunch at Clear Lake Grill on Clear Lake Rd.

eBird Checklist - 29 Nov 2022 - Haehnle Sanctuary - 18 species

NOTE:  The next Tuesday tour is a new venue on the Lakelands Trail in the Hawkins/Dalton Rds. area.  I've rescheduled the 13 December tour at the Hoffman Trail to 21 February. 

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