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Portage Lake SP Tour

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 5:00 PM | Steve Jerant (Administrator)

We had a relaxing walk through Portage Lake State Park this morning.  It was cool, but it is October, and it transitioned form overcast to just short of partly cloudy.  The lake was not very busy, and only a lone Ruddy Duck stood out against the usual suspects of Canada Goose, Mallard, and Pie-billed Grebe.

(Gary Mason)

We got the scope out, though and got a good look at the Bald Eagle across the lake but could not nail down the buteo that was near him.  But the Cooper's Hawk was more cooperative and gave us two flyovers.

(Steve Jerant)

Near the swimming beach, a pair of cranes were getting some quiet time at the park, but we scared them off.  Gary mason was ready and got some great action shots.

(Gary Mason)

(Gary Mason)

The woods and shrub were much more productive than the water and we were busy with kinglets and sparrows.  We got both Ruby- and Golden-crowned Kinglet, White-throated and -crowned Sparrow, and a single hard to find Brown Creeper.  

See if you can find one on those little guys in this shot by Gary.  But don't eat those berries!

(Gary Mason)

Our complete trip list is available on this eBird Checklist

And the color was beautiful!  Thanks, Gary for the great pics.

(Gary Mason)

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